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Quality control on the integrity of packaging and visual inspection systems for medical supplies.

The world-wide turnover of the pharmaceutical industries exceeds 1,100 billion dollars and is in constant growth, so as to bring the market forecasts to think it equal to 1.3 trillion by 2020, with an annual growth rate of 4.9%. In Italy it is the only sector that currently invoices more than it did before the crisis.

In the pharmaceutical sector our quality control operation focuses both on the integrity of the packaging and on the type of packaging of the medicines. It is indeed essential to guarantee the quality of the case in a delicate sector such as the pharmaceutical sector, VISION understands this need very well.


The Sector

In the modern internationalised scenario of the sector the great possibilities of profit are intensely linked to a theme of considerable complexity such as risk management. This applies to every part of the production process in the pharmaceutical sector. The importance that the production of this sector has on the life of each of us makes it very important to maintain a high and safe production standard.

Vision approach

The artificial vision systems installed by VISION in this area are proof of this: every day they check the quality of the vials and blisters, ie the pre-built plastic packages used as drug containers.
Their possible defect could damage the drug, compromising its characteristics and the promise of the manufacturer brand. Furthermore, we act on quality checks on medical surgical devices.

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