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Sirio 600

Precision, productivity and compliance with the highest quality standards

Since 1988 VISION has been designing and manufacturing vision systems integrated with automatic control, measurement and selection machines for the identification of dimensional and quality defects, with the aim of making the presence of waste or defects in products extremely rare. Sirio 600 is the perfect solution for visual and mechanical checks specific to the fasteners and molded elements, and to carry out this type of control operation with high levels of productivity and unique features that make it perfect for all companies that they need a quality control that respects the highest standards.

Sirio 600

It is a versatile and modular machine with high control speeds. It has a great flexibility of use in the control processes for different products and allows to reach high quality standards in the selection and / or classification of the product, thus leading to a reduction in production waste. It can be used throughout the entire production cycle, from incoming acceptance to checking the finished product.

The characteristics of Sirio

  • Flexibility. The possibility to integrate different types of cameras, feeding and guidance systems and finished product handling units makes the machine extremely flexible and able to adapt to any requirement. The focus of the machine consists of the vision and selection modules alongside which diversified solutions are provided for the loading of the machinery and for any automated packaging
  • Reliability. Designed, developed and produced by a team composed by two leading companies in the sector, with the highest-quality materials and components, the new Sirio systems guarantee high reliability and durability
  • Speed. With its exclusive automated feeding technology, the Sirio Series achieves high levels of productivity (800 pcs/min. of screws M6 x 25mm)
  • Safety. The use of updated operating systems and the protection provided by different levels of password-protected access make it safe and reliable
  • Industry 4.0. Real Time analysis, collection and communication of production data in order to optimize production lines
  • Cracks inspection. The machine allows high precision controls based on eddy currents

Plus, remote assistance ensures technical assistance in a very short time, and the machine can be implemented to manage up to 6 cameras at the same time.

Technical Features


  • Shank diameters min/max 3 < Dg < 20mm
  • Head diameters min/max 6 < Dt < 40mm
  • Standard Lengths 10 < L < 90mm
  • Other lengths on request


  • Version Right / left
  • Steel disc diameter [mm] 600
  • Speed [pcs/min] 80 < V < 1000
  • Visual inspection stations 8 (max)
  • Dedicated management software (user friendly) Statistics, historical data, piece counting
  • Machine size [mm] 2590 x 2010 - H 2362
  • Weight [Kg] 2000 (1400 + 600)
  • Packaging module upon request


  • Size checks standard
  • External thread checks standard
  • Presence and integrity check of marks/stamps standard
  • Identification of surface incisions and/or scratches standard
  • Detection of machine/production burrs standard
  • Colour recognition standard
  • Crack detection with Eddy Current upon request
  • Dimensional checks with Laser Control Unit upon request
  • Dimensional checks with 3D Laser Unit upon request


  • Remote management of the multi-platform production process standard
  • Digital teleservice assistance and tele-diagnosis with smart alerts upon request
  • Inter-connection with the company&#39;s management system standard
  • Inter-connection with other machines in the company&#39;s production cycle standard
  • Diagnosis of work parameters and production trends standard
  • Access to features, divided by security levels via password standard
  • Post-process analysis of statistical data upon request
  • Data-logic on adaptivity and intelligent reactivity to process drifts upon request
  • Compliance with the requirements of the industry plan 4.0 standard

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