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Quality controls for all applications in the rubber sector

If we think about how many different types of products in the world use rubber - and not just tires - it is immediately clear how important it is to maintain high and efficient production standards. For this reason, but also for the fact that very often these products have a delicate use, companies operating in the sector need high standards to guarantee full health and safety.


The Sector

We at VISION love challenges and create tailor-made solutions for our customers in order to satisfy every possible need. The rubber sector imposes strict production standards on the shape, surface, presence or absence of product, texture, grooves which, in the case of tires, must meet the requirements of the law. In addition, we are ready to carry out other quality or dimensional checks requested by the customer.

The VISION Approach

In this sector the needs are many and varied, almost difficult to list. In addition to tailor-made solutions, we at VISION guarantee quality on 100% of production by defining in particular:

  • Robot guide for component manipulation. Integrated robots are a fundamental part of our work. What do they do? VISION artificial vision systems can guide, via cameras, a robot to perform an action. Thanks to this adaptive technique it is possible to correct in real time the position in which the machining must be managed, such as the manipulation of components.

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