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1988-2018: 30 YEARS

Although with a slight delay, VISION wants to celebrate with all its customers, its friends and partners a path held at the turn of the millennium, that made possible the continuous challenge towards the resolution of difficult and satisfying problems and towards the search for technological solutions for industry 4.0.

In 2018 VISION has indeed turned 30 years old!
After our birth in Vimercate in 1988 and, after numerous transformations over the years – thanks to the constant expansion of this family of ours – VISION has grown to become one of the major protagonists in the Italian sector of artificial vision systems. This is due, in addition to the long experience in the territory, also to our presence in every corner of the world; thanks to our efficiency both in the creation and in the support of vision systems (the characteristic of which we are most proud of), we can boast more than 4,000 VISION installations worldwide in different countries and we have succeeded in establishing our presence in every part of the world: from the United States to India and from Indonesia to Argentina.

In celebrating our 30 years we want to thank all our customers and partners, all our friends and all the people who, during this journey, believed and supported VISION and all the members of the family that we managed to train in these years of work and research.

Thanks to your support, we continue to improve and constantly approach our goals.