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VISION took part in key annual event for the Fastener industry: it’s the Fastener Fair in Stuttgart, Germany, from 28 to 30 March 2017: at the seventh edition of this major trade show of the fastener and fixing industry we flexed our muscles together with about 800 exhibitors from 40 countries, who presented a full range of products in the sector.

Artificial vision and zero waste are linked by the same requirement for extremely high, repeatable quality in a range of industries; its applications span for instance the sectors of construction, automotive, electronics, white goods, machinery and furniture production.

VISION is always at the forefront on the theme of technological innovation; we are able to apply it to all industrial sectors, by means of our machine vision systems, to ensure fast, effective and real time production quality control even on huge volumes of items.

For us of the VISION team, screws, nuts and bolts and fixing systems have no secrets: we are talking about the vision system SATURNO 850, which we have developed with a partner company, that we presented at Fastener Fair.

What is it exactly?

SATURNO 850 is an automated control machine, with hardware and software for automated quality control. The elements to be subjected to quality control are placed on a turntable, whose shape recalls the rings around the planet it is named for.

SATURNO 850 is flexible and fast and represents what we have been doing best for the past 30 years: producing machine vision systems for “zero waste” production. This machine has no limits: it reaches high levels of productivity (1200 pieces/min.) and can be fitted with various types of cameras, feeding and servo control systems and finished product processing units.