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New Teamviewer version

Dear Customers,

Following the termination of support for the old versions of Windows by Microsoft, TeamViewer, a software used for the remote assistance, has also decided to adapt to the change and make the software version 10 obsolete in order to guarantee greater security and greater stability.

If the TeamViewer version installed on your systems is version 11 or higher, remote assistance is guaranteed and no additional operations are required on your part.

If the TeamViewer version installed on your systems is lower than version 11, from September 15th, 2021, it will no longer be possible to connect to these systems. In order to continue using remote assistance service, the TeamViewer software must be updated to version 11 or higher.

There is no urgency for any eventual updates. It will be possible to carry out the update even after the obsoletion date of the software, on the first remote assistance session.

VISION technicians and references are at your disposal for this step.

PS: Please kindly forward this email to your colleagues in the technical or IT department.