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Conveyor belt control

Precise, efficient and safe conveyor belt control machine

Since 1988 VISION has been designing and manufacturing vision systems integrated with automatic control, measurement and selection machines for the identification of dimensional and quality defects, to make the presence of waste or defects in products extremely rare and guarantee maximum customer satisfaction and making flawless products. The conveyor belt control machine is the ideal solution to carry out this type of inspection operation on specific products.

Conveyor belt control

The characteristics of the conveyor belt control machine

It is a multi-purpose visual inspection machine on tape with two / three cameras, used for dimensional and surface control with speeds up to 600 pcs / min. It is ideal for various types of small parts such as fastening elements, screws and bolts, parts with complex geometries, rivets, threaded rivets, bushes and bushings and much more. It is a flexible machine, with a versatile, fast feeding system and very short format changeover times, capable of performing:

  • Dimension/size controls also on complex geometries
  • External thread control
  • Integrity check and control of the outer thread with precise measurements
  • Control of internal thread
  • Piece inspection to locate incisions and cracks on front and side surfaces
  • Piece inspection to detect surface cuts and slits
  • Control of processing filaments
  • Colour control and recognition
  • Dedicated management software with user friendly interface for counters, report and statistics functions that can be integrated into management systems (developed together with Vision srl)
  • Set-up for remote assistance


  • Additional control stations
  • Assistance systems for the feeder supply unit
  • Packaging system
  • 3D laser for thickness and planarity control of pieces

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