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How we work

Why choose VISION?

We take care of every phase of the project, from the initial study, to consultancy, to the design of the best possible system for the customer's needs and constantly monitoring customer satisfactions.

We work together to provide a quality-guaranteed on 100% of production.

How we work

Nothing less than excellence

This is what drives us. VISION is an Italian company that, thanks to the synergistic work of highly qualified team, is at the forefront in the design, the construction, the installation, the integration, and the maintenance of systems for the quality process automation. Our work is based on a set of important values with the customer right at the center.

Advantages of artificial vision

Interventi processo produttivo

Possibility to intervene in the production process, also for the small batch, to guarantee the end result.


Possibility to analyze the objects in various sizes and in complex shapes.


Speed, objectivity and repeatability of series control

Elevato volume di dati

Providing the high volume of data for identifying and understanding the anomalies for efficient production intervention.

Riduzione costi

Reduce the management cost, thanks to the reduced set-up time, reduced errors, and reduced machine downtime.